What is youtube monetization :- 2020

Youtube Monetization Requirements

Today, Youtube has become a means of making money. Many people are also making money through Youtube. Friends, today we have brought this post for those people who want to earn money by monetizing their YouTube videos. In this post you will be given complete information about Youtube Video Ko Monetize Kaise Kare.

Every kind of video is uploaded to YouTube, whether you want to get any kind of information, you can get it through YouTube. You can also earn money by uploading videos on Youtube, but for this Youtube Monetization has to be turned on. So let’s know now YouTube Video Monetization Kaise Kare, through which you can earn money by showing ads in your channel.

What is youtube monetization :-

Through YouTube Monetization, Ads can be shown in YouTube videos. For this, Monetization has to be enabled on Youtube, but there are some rules to enable Monetization, Youtube can enable Monetization only after completing these rules.

When is youtube monetization:-

Shortly after creating Youtube Channel, some Youtubers start enabling Monetization. Monetization On does not make money when there are few views. So until you start getting 1000 or 2000 views every day, do not do Youtube Monetization. Your channel should have minimum 1000 subscribers and 10-20 videos should be in your channel.

Youtube Monetization New Rules:-

Youtube has implemented some new rules under which you have to follow the Youtube Monetization Policy to monetize Youtube Video. So know what new Youtube Monetization Rules Youtube has created.

1.)Your Youtube Channel should have 1000 subscribers within 12 months.

2.)The video you are uploading must be in the YouTube category. If not done then your channel’s YouTube monetization will be disabled.

3.)Your channel should have Youtube Monetization Review Time 4,000 Hours.

4.)You cannot upload someone else’s video on your channel which is already uploaded on Youtube.

Youtube Monetization Rates

If you have a Youtube Channel on which you upload videos and now you want to monetize these videos then it has some rates. Youtube Monetization Rates Per 1000 Video Views Rs 199 to Rs 465.

How to do youtube monetization

Now we are telling you to enable Youtube Monetization. For this, follow the steps given below and go to Youtube Ko Monetize Kaise Kare

1.) Step Log In Youtube Account

First of all, you have to log in to your Youtube Account.

2.) Step Click My Channel

Now click on the option of My Channel.

3.) Step Click Video Manager

In My Channel, you have to click on the option of Video Manager.

4.) Step : Click Channel

Now click on the channel option.

5.) Step : Click Enable Option

In the channel you have to click Enable in front of Monetization.

6.) Step : Click Enable My Account

After this, you will get the option of Enable My Account and click on it. Before that, you read Guidelines And Information.

7.) Step : Accept Terms And Conditions

Now select Youtube Terms and Conditions and click on I Accept.

Now Monetization is enabled on Youtube Channel. A $ sign will appear in front of your videos and Ads will start showing on your videos. If this sign does not appear then it means that Youtube Monetization is still disabled. For this, click on the edit option that Videos has and enable Monetization.

Youtube Account Ko Google Adsense Se Jode

After transferring the money to Youtube Monetization, Youtube Account will have to be linked with Google Adsense to transfer money to your bank account only after that.

1.) Step : Login Youtube Account

Log in to your Youtube Account.

2.) Step : Click Channel Now click on the channel option.

3.) Step : Click View Monetization Setting

In this, you have to click on View Monetization Setting in the option of Monetization.

4.) Step : Guidlines And Information

Inside it, you will see some options in which you have to click on How Will I Paid. After that click click on Associate An Adsense Account.

5.) Step : Welcome To Adsense

You have to log in with your Gmail Id. If you have a Google Adsense Account, then only you click on Sign In and if not, you can create a new Google Adsense Account by clicking Create Account.

After this your form will be reviewed by Google. If your channel is qualified then you will get an email from Google Adsense Account Approved from Google. Just now you can transfer money to your bank account through Google Adsense.


So friends, you can also monetize your YouTube videos and place ads on videos. This will increase your income even more. Just keep in mind that you should enable Youtube Monetization only after following the rules mentioned above. How did you like friends, tell us this post by commenting and if you have any questions, then definitely ask in the Comment Box. If you liked this post how to monetize YouTube, then do not forget to share and like it.

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