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How to Use True Caller Application

Hello friends Tech Facts Application Review welcomes you all once again by Chandan Kumar. friends who are going to talk to i today. How to install a truecaller app and what is its feature. Friends, downloading this application will benefit you very much. You will find out if you call a call from any unknown number. If you want to download this application, you will get the link in the same post. Otherwise you can download this application from the Play Store.
Application Detail :- True Caller Application is a very good application. The people have given this application a very good rating. Rating 4.6 is the comment of this application. And this application is of very low 11mb.
truecaller app install :- True Caller is an application that you can easily find the unknown number. If you install this application on your mobile phone then it will be better for you. It is very difficult for a common man to receive all the calls. It is very often that unwanted calls also come in your mobile phone, in which you can not find whose call is coming. This application has been created to solve this problem. Now we talk about what is “true caller” and how it is used. You will get all the information inside this post.

“True Caller” is an application that also has a Worldwide Number Lookup Service. This means that with the help of this application, you can know about any mobile number. But this application is for Smart Phone User only. Only the person who runs the smart phone can use this application. True Caller is such an application. Delivering an Experience that is beyond the earlier Phone Book Application Limitation. This helps people to find another’s contact information. Which is based on name and number. In this case, the user will not need to receive Calls Receive to identify or block any Incoming Calls. Therefore, this service will not be any time to get the right contact.

truecaller app install :- True Caller is an application that is used by users all over the world as a Number Lookup Service. The main feature in “True Caller” is sharing if you share your phone number. Then you get a chance to know the phone number of the other in return. If you do not share your phone number. So you will not even know the number of the other. In this application, you will find Users in the number of Million and share your Contact. Together with True Caller Application and creating a Global Crowdsourced Phone Directory. It helps you to make a life-consciousness by any person. Why not use the little mobile .

You can use which mobile phone you can by “truecaller app install”. The “truecaller app install” is available for you to use Smart Phone, Android Phone, Blackberry OS, IOS, Series 40, Symbian S60, Firefox OS, Blackberry and Window Phone. Talk about some feature of “truecaller app install”.

1.) Excessive Spam Calls :- This application automatically detects Fake calls spam calls. And it also prevents those calls from going to the user. Whenever you call a Spammer, this application will change to your Mobile Screen Red Color. You will also see Warning and you will get written Spam’s tag.

2.) Detect also calls to Callers Name :- Whenever someone calls you and the person’s number is not saved in your mobile phone, then that person’s name will be shown. If available, you can request their details if you want in their phone number directory. | If they do not save in their directory, then this application sends a notification to that person, for the purpose of detailing that person, if that person rejects that notification then you can never extract the details of that person.

3.) It auto detects :- This application does not detect only those numbers which are in your Contact List, it also detects those numbers which are in a website or are shared in any Social Media. Like you can see in True Caller by clicking on them in Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger too.

4.) It has a Wide Caller Directory :- Pc version of truecaller app install which does not detect you not only the number of Locality. It also detects the International Number. This application also identifies you. National or international number, it detects all the numbers.

5.) There is a Smart Dialer :- You can also make Direct Call using this application. There is no need to go to the Contact List in this. In addition to this you also provide the status of the Available User which is available to Receive Calls.

6.) A lot of languages support this application :- Truecaller app install is supported by the languages of a Wide Range. So you can use this application. If you do not understand English, then there is no point in it, you will find many languages. Like Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Dutch, Spanish and many more Language features will be found.

Friends, if you want, the True Caller Application of both Premium Pro and Free Version is available. You can also run this application in Free if you wish. Otherwise, by paying, you can install this application in your Mobile Phone, if you use Premium Pro, then you will get Extra Feature. Like in the True Caller Account, a Pro Badge Show is in User Profile. In addition, you can find 30 Contact Request in one Month and you do not see ads in this application at all. And you can run this application with great ease. Friends, if you want, you can also put your photo in True Application and whenever you call on another’s mobile, your photo will appear where you will call.

How to put your photo in True Caller :- You can see the “me” tab in your Personal profile, you can easily put your photo on it and can also have a Background photo. And in this you can edit your name as well. You can also change your address and add your website to it. In this you can do a lot like add Social Media Account. Just about this application we can give you so much information. So friends we expect. You may have liked this post if you liked it, please share this post as much as possible so that through this post, people can also benefit. And follow (

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