how to grow a youtube channel fast :- 2020

How To Grow A Youtube Channel Fast

Hello friends and welcome to Tech Facts. If you also have a YouTube channel and you want to make your video viral, then you are reading the right post because in today’s post we are going to tell you that Video Viral Kaise Kare Video Viral Karne Ka Tarika Today you will know through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Similarly, you continued to like every post on our blog. Nowadays, many people make their own YouTube channel and make their own videos on it and share it with people. Viewers are given some kind of information by making these videos. But your videos will not be viral until Viewers grow.

If your video gets more views then it is more viral and the more viral the video is, the more money you can earn. But you should come up with ways to make the video viral, otherwise no one is watching the video you are putting, then it will harm you. Come, know that now Video Viral Kaise Karte Hain, if you have also made a video of yours, then read this post Video Ko Viral Kaise Kare from beginning to end to make it viral. Only after reading the post till the end, you will get full information about it and you will be able to make your video viral.

How to make video viral

We are telling you an app to make videos viral, with the help of which you can make your videos viral, so know about this app.

Download App

First of all you download this app Tag You.

Now open the app and click Enable Option on the homepage.

Click Keyword Idea :

After this, click on Keyword Idea. In this, type the topic on which you want to upload your video. Now you will see many keywords related to your topic which are searched on Youtube. Copy these keywords and paste them in the tag of your video. Your video will go viral in a short time, this way you get good views.

How to make a video viral:-

Making a video viral means getting lots of views. For this you have to use good and correct titles and tags. But just by giving the right video and the right information, your video is not viral, but its quality should be such that people like it. This will mean that he will like to see your other videos again and will also go to your other videos. You have to pay most attention to Keyword.

Attractive Thumbnail

Thumbnail only makes your video better. Make Thumbnail attractive so that anyone can watch your video. It also helps to increase your Ctr. You can use online photo editing tools like Photoshop and Canva for a better Thumbnail.

Viral Or Trending Topic :

If you make a video on the viral trading topic, then your video will be seen more and more, so choose viral and trading topics for your video. You can also use Google Trend to search trading topics.

Video Quality & Audio:

Make your video attractive which contains all the information related to the topic. Your topic is well explained on the information that users can understand and explain the video in such a way that users do not feel bored.

Title Or Tag:

Make your video title attractive. This is most important for your video. Because the title of the video itself tells which topic your video is on. Make sure to use Keyword in your video title. Must put tags in the video, it tells Youtube which topic your video is on. Insert keywords related to the video, use keywords in the tags.


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