how to apply for youtube silver button :- 2020

How To Apply For Youtube Silver Button

“What Is Youtube Silver Play Button In Hindi” What is YouTube Silver Play Button and what does it mean by YouTube Silver Button Reward and how to get Youtube silver Button and how to order Youtuber Silver Button, just a few questions Will be running in Dimak what is this Silver Button. So no matter what today’s post is on this topic, what is YouTube Silver Button, so let’s start.
What is YouTuber Silver Button
Youtuber Silver Play Button is a YouTube Reward and a Reward that every YouTuber wants to get YouTube silver Button only if your channel becomes popular on YouTube and the logo is with you. Achieving YouTube Silver Button is a YouTuber’s dream, the first step in success in a YouTube life when you are awarded the YouTube Silver Button. It is a Golden Moment when you acquire Youtube Silver Button.

Millions of YouTubers work hard to achieve YouTube Silver Button, all publish their best performance video on YouTube so that they can get the Silver Button one day but it is not so easy that you have to do one day and night You have to publish good and unique videos on YouTube so that people like your video and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

And the day your YouTube channel becomes popular and the trust of more than 1 lakh people is won by you towards your youtube channel, then this Silver Button becomes yours YouTube Silver Button is also no less than the medal won in the Olympics.
When and how to get YouTube Silver Play Button.
When you get a Youtube Silver Button gift and how it is received, then you will also get the answer. Youtube Silver Button sends you only when 100k Plus Subscriber gets on your YouTube Channel. Youtube silver Button gets the same people who work hard by uploading their videos on Youtube. And there are some YouTubers who do 1 lakh subscriber by cheating or wrongly, then this silver button is not given to them. The YouTube team resides on every channel and when you have more than 1 lakh subscriber, then the YouTube team monitors your channel for 1 week and then decides whether to give it to Youtube Silver Play Button.
How to know whether we will get YouTube Silver Play Button
Many YouTubers have the same tension as to whether we will get YouTube Silver Play Button or not, I will first tell you that you should first be 100k Subscribers and when you have 100k Plus Subscribers then you will have 2 to 3 months. Wait because YouTube team will send a notification on your YouTube account, in which you will have been given a Reedom Code and a link in which you have to enter your address.
What are the different types of YouTube Play Button
There are 3 types of Youtube Play Button. The first thing that comes first, we are talking about it quite lately. When you get the Youtube silver play Button model, when you get 100k subscriber and on the second Golden Play Button this model then you You will get 1M Subscribers on your YouTube Channel and the third and last YouTube Diamond Play Button is when you get 1 crore Subscribers on your channel.
How long does the YouTube Silver Play Button last?
When you are eligible for YouTube Silver play Button, then you have to take that as I have told you in Upar Point, when you order YouTube Silver Play Button at your address, then it will reach your home about 2 Months take place because your YouTube Channel Name is also printed on this Play Button and it is dispatched from USA so it takes a little time so I have told you most 2 months time.
Friends, I hope all your doubts will be cleared and you will know what is YouTube Silver Play Button and what it is and when you get it and if you still do not find the answer to any of your questions in this post then you can give us Comment or Whatsapp, we will help you in full.
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