Google Adsense Approval Trick :- 2020

Google Adsense Approval Trick :- 2020

Hello friends, you have just stepped into the field of blogging, then you must have heard the name of your Google Adsense and if you are reading this post then it means that you do not have an Adsense account yet, you need to be absolutely worried. No, I have brought you the Google adsense approval trick for you, so that you will be able to get the approval of Adsense Account for your brand new blog very easily.

Because we all want to earn money from the internet and for this you will get many ways over the internet, but for a blogger, Google adsense is a great way, by approving it, you can earn money by putting ads in your blog website. Apart from this, you can earn good money by putting Bidvertiser’s ads on your website.

But we get the most money from Google adsense, every new blogger wants that his Adsense account be approved as soon as possible and he starts making money but he does not know how to do it, but there are many reasons behind it. Have brought Google adsense approval trick 2020.

Note – Here I am going to tell you about Google adsense approval tricks, after following which I have approved Google adsense on my blog and when I applied my website was only 1 month. And there were only 10 articles on my blog. After I applied, I was approved within 7 days. So why should we wait for 6 months or even longer.

Here I am going to tell you about some tricks which you will get 100% Adsense approval by following. And this is for all those who were getting rejection till now. Also for those who are yet to apply
1 ) Content Quality
You should publish high quality content on your blog. Now you must be thinking what is the meaning of high quality content, then content is what you write in your post, and high quality means new and very unique one which has not hit copy paste from anywhere, understand yourself. have written the content. Because google itself tells you to write the post for your reader

So the good information you provide to your readers will be good for you. Go as far as possible in depth and write in simple language that anyone can understand after reading it.

Google bots also index and identify good content very quickly, so do not consider it stupid, as you must have heard from many of your bloggers, “Content is the king”, then you should understand this. And write the content that the readers understand. With which they will open your blog next time and will not read your post, otherwise next time they will not forget to visit your site.

2) Number of post
If you do not have any information about how many posts you should write before applying for Google adsense, then let me tell you that there is no number of such posts on your blog. It depends on the length of your content, if you use 500 words in one of your posts, then there should be at least 20 to 25 posts on your blog. It is not that this is a fix number, but the content of about 10,000 words should be on your blog.
3) Post Length
The length of your post helps you in ranking, so you should write good and long post as much as possible. You should write a post of 1000 to 2000 words, because this post is the most shared and like.

But this does not mean that you fill anything in your post, you should write as much information about your topic so that whenever someone reads your content, there is no need to visit any other site.
4) Copyright Free Content
You should never write copyrighted content on your blog. This is against the guide line of Google, for this you can also get notice from Google, so whenever you write a post, you need any image, video and material for it, then you can contact someone from Google, Yahoo or Bing. Also, do not download material direct, you get a lot of free websites from where you can download all this for yourself.

Because if you download any content in your blog and use it from Google, then it comes under copyright and Google will not give approval of Adsense to any such website / blog and if you have got it then for few days. If it becomes disable in itself, then take care of it.
5) Illegal material
There are many such topics which google puts in the category of illegal, it wants that it is safe to use the internet and does not spread any dirt on the internet, so it does not allow such content.

For example – Adult content, Hacking and cracking content, Tobacco related content, violent content etc. If you have used something like this in your blog, first remove it and only then apply.
6) Blog Theme (template)
To select a good template for your blog and customize it well, you can take the help of internet and by good I mean that you have to use a very simple template. There are some people who are very colorful Use the theme in your blog but Google likes simple user friendly themes, you can think yourself<

If you go to a site and the background of that site is black or any dark color and there was a lot. And all the things are set in a very strange way, then you will not stop on that site yourself and the father will come to you just like that. Will also be there.

And there is also a benefit to using the simple template because they do not take much time in loading, so that the loading speed of your site is good and the user knows that you are well connected.
7) Important Pages
You have to create about, contect, privacy policy, sitemap pages in your blog. Which is very important to be in your blog, if you create this page for your blog, then the chance of getting your Adsense account approved increases very much and you must have seen these pages on all sites. There is no smile to make them, it increases the image of your blog both in Google and people.
8) Language
You should also know that the language in which you are writing content, is Google supporting it for adsense, it is not that you will create your blog in any language and Google will give you approval for adsense.

So you should first read Google’s guide line and only then create your blog. By the way, Google supports a lot of languages, including our Hindi.
9) Domain
You should only buy a top level domain. If you are using free or subdomain in your blog, then you will not give approval to google adsense. So only buy a good domain.

For this, you can use Godaddy or Bigrock and if the offers continue to run on them, then you will get the domain cheaply. Both these sites are very trusted sites. I bought my domain from Bigrock itself.

This was the Google adsense approval trick, which I used on my blog before applying.

Note – Many times, free blogs which are made on Blogspot or WordPress also get approval of Adsense, but in the long run, you will have a professional blog.

If you follow all these steps, you will get 100% approval of Adsense account. And from my experience, I am telling you that you will get approval for your blog in the puzzle bar itself like I got. Keep in mind that before applying, you have to give your blog a professional look no matter whether your blog is on Blogger or built on your WordPress. You have to take care of Google adsense approval trick.
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